How to create Administrator user AWS
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How to create Administrator user AWS

Using a root account is for day to day operations is dangerous; you can create an administrator user for your AWS account with the following instructions:

1- Login into your AWS account and from the top menu search IAM and click on IAM

2- Click on users on the left menu

3- Enter username & password & check “Password - AWS management console access” & then click on “Next permission” button

4- Choose “Attach existing policies directly” from the top and then in filter policy search for “admin” and result check “AdministratorAccess,” then click on “Next: Tags” button.

5- Click on the “Next: Review” button

6- Click on the “Create user” button

7- Cheers! Share URL on top with anyone who wants to use this credential, moreover, you have the option to send URL and username by email to anyone you like, but you have to share a password with them by yourself(Email will not send password)